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Скачать Digital Music Making for Teens бесплатно

Digital Music Making for Teens
Digital Music Making for Teens By Andrew Hagerman
Publisher: Premier Press 2004 | 416 Pages | ISBN: 159200508X | PDF | 20 MB

Get ready to move beyond the stage of simply ripping audio from CDs to the more creative ends of digital music production. The sheer volume and variety of computer-based production techniques can often seem daunting. "Digital Music Making for Teens" eases beginning musicians through that first crucial step into the larger world of digital production as it guides you through the process of building musical productions. This comprehensive, hands-on book covers not only the big picture, but also dives deep into each task, showing you how to use multiple tools to get the job done. Combine your need for artistic expression with a solid education and start your music making off on the right track.


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