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Скачать Wine Science: Principles and Applications бесплатно

15 марта 2012 | Автор: vit_2012 | Рубрика: Разная литература » Кулинария | Комментариев: 0
Wine Science: Principles and Applications

Understand the three pillars of wine science--grape culture, wine production, and sensory evaluation--in the third edition of this bestselling title. Author Ronald Jackson takes readers on a scientific tour into the world of wine by detailing the latest discoveries in this exciting industry. From grape anatomy to wine and health, this book includes coverage of material not found in other enology or viticulture texts--including details on cork and oak, specialized wine making procedures, and historical origins of procedures. Jackson uniquely breaks down sophisticated techniques, allowing the reader to easily understand wine-science processes.

Автор: Ronald S. Jackson
Название: Wine Science: Principles and Applications
Издательство: Ac---c Pre*s
Год: 2008
Страниц: 790
ISBN: 0123736463
Формат: PDF
Размер: 18,6 Мб
Язык: английский
Качество: хорошее

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