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Скачать Is Science Value Free?: Values and Scientific Understanding бесплатно

Is Science Value Free?: Values and Scientific Understanding
Is Science Value Free?: Values and Scientific Understanding (Philosophical Issues in Science) by Hugh Lacey
Publisher: Routledge 1999-08 | 285 Pages | ISBN: 0415208203 | PDF | 1.75 MB

The idea that science is value free has been challenged over the years by a number of different sides, including: postmodernists, feminists, radical ecologists, third world advocates and religious fundamentalists.
In this book, Hugh Laceyappraises and explicates the view that science is value free. Lacey discusses how science and values interact, with a focus on a discussion of development, and sciences place in development particularly in third world countries.
Is Science Value Free? takes a unique approach to this ongoing discussion in the following ways:
* explores the nature and meaning of values
* discusses challenges to the view that science as value free is possible
* defines levels of scientific inquiry, bringing us closer to the possibility of an impartial ideal
Is Science Value Free? gives us a refreshing and intriguing new look at how we see and study science. Students of science and philosophy of science will find this to be an invaluable read.


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