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Скачать The Mathematics of Natural Catastrophes бесплатно

The Mathematics of Natural Catastrophes
The Mathematics of Natural Catastrophes By Gordon Woo
ISBN: 1860941826 | Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company | 1999 edition | PDF | 15 MB

Philosophy and Mathematics Rolled in One
Gordon Woo has written an elegant account of the impact of natural disasters in today's world, and the mathematical tools we have available for their prediction, mitigation and avoidance. He has drawn upon his theoretical physics background to discuss all major factors that have to be considered when quantitatively evaluating the likelihood and consequences of natural disasters. It is obvious he has read extensively not only the various methods available to engineers, scientists and financiers to avoid natural risks, but also the plethora of philosophical literature contributing to this field of study. It is an excellent account and can be enjoyed by those without an implicit understanding of mathematics, although some understanding adds to the experience. I look forward to his next book.


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