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Скачать Sustainable Agriculture. 2nd edition бесплатно

Sustainable Agriculture. 2nd editionНазвание: Sustainable Agriculture. 2nd edition
Автор: John Mason
Издательство: Landlinks Press 2003
ISBN 0643068767
Язык: english
Cтраниц: 212
Качество: хорошее
Формат: PDF
Размер: 4.7 Mb

First there was subsistence farming. Then there was a technological revolution: developments in machinery and chemicals allowed us to clear and cultivate land faster, feed lants and animals quicker (and grow them faster); and kill pests or diseases quickly. These newfound abilities seemed like a godsend to mankind; and throughout the 20th century we used them to their fullest, generally with little regard to any unforseen repercussions.
Gradually, time has revealed a variety of problems caused by this modern agricultural development, including chemical residues affecting plant and animal life on land and in the
sea, soil degradation in the form of soil structural decline, erosion, salinity, soil acidification, loss of fertility, nutrient loading of waterways, dams and lakes and more. As we move into the 21st century and concern about our environment grows, there is an obvious move towards more sustainable farming.
Sustainable farming is, in essence, concerned with anything that affects the sustainability of a farm. You cannot keep farming a property indefinitely if there is a degradation of resources (environmental resources, financial resources, equipment, machinery, materials, or any other resources). In the short to medium term, the problem of sustainability is
overwhelmingly a financial one; but in the long term, environmental sustainability will possibly have a greater impact on the whole industry than anything else.


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