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Скачать Der Mensch бесплатно

Der Mensch
Автор: Alfred Witte
Название: Der Mensch
Издательство: Hamburg
ISBN: 3-920807-11-1
Год: 1962
Формат: djvu
Размер: 6.25 Mb
Язык: немецкий

Alfred Witte (1878-1941) was a German astrologer and the founder of the Hamburg School of Astrology. Witte revived and further developed the use of astrological midpoints for precision in astrological analysis and prediction. He was also an avid independent student of astronomy.

In his early writings in the 1920s, he experimented with numerous historical astrology techniques, including the astrological houses, planetary formulae similar to 'Arabic parts', and a new scheme of planetary rulerships. His approach to astrology was to verify assumptions by current reality checks rather than historical validation. As a result, his astrology was exceptionally precise and detailed in descriptions, and shook up the astrology world.


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