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Скачать Spiritual marketing бесплатно

Spiritual marketing
Год: 2002
Автор: Vitale Joe / Витале Джо
Название: Spiritual marketing
Жанр: деньги / бизнес / эзотерика
Издательство: "Wiley"
Качество: Отличное
Язык: английский
Страниц: 136
Формат: PDF
Размер: 5mb

A Proven 5-Step Formula for Easily Creating Wealth from the Inside Out
I wrote most of what you are about to read in 1999, when I first issued this book as a private gift to only 35 people. More miracles have happened since then. Here are
a few of them:
- When I first wrote this book and described the car of my dreams, the car of my dreams at that time was a Saturn. I’ve now upgraded my dream and my car. I’m now driving a BMW Z3 2.8 Roadster. I’ve never in my life had so much fun driving!!! As I grew in my life, and became more bold about going for my dreams, I also naturally wanted a
different vehicle. I was led to the Z3, which symbolizes the major changes in my life. And it is a hoot to drive, as well!
You truly can have anything you can imagine.

- When I first wrote this book, I was still married to Marian, who I had been with for more than twenty years. Since then we decided we had grown apart. There was
nothing negative about the experience or the decision at all.

- Miracles Never Stop
- Foreword by Bob Proctor
- How I Created Spiritual Marketing
- It Can Be Another Way
- Step One: Know what you don’t want
- Step Two: Select what you would like to have, do, or be
- Step Three: Get clear.
- Step Four: Feel how exciting it would be to have, do, or be what you want
- Step Five: Let Go
- The Million Dollar formula
- “What happened to Jonathan?
- ”Suggested Reading and Listening
- Healers, Mentors, and Counselors
- About the Author

Spiritual marketing
Джо Витале - президент рекламного агентства Joe Vitale в Хьюстоне. Он известный консультант по маркетингу, писатель, лектор и копирайтер. На его счету большое количество рекламных объявлений, писем и брошюр, которые он написал для различных малых предприятий в США.

Его опыт работы непосредственно в торговой сети (продажа автомобилей, программного обеспечения для компьютеров и других наиболее ходовых товаров), в сфере заказа товаров по почте, а также опыт консультанта позволяют ему создавать рекламу, результаты которой побивают все возможные рекорды. Джо Витале является автором нескольких книг.

Скачать / Download Книгу / book Vitale Joe. Spiritual marketing (PDF)

Скачать / Download Книгу / book Vitale Joe. Spiritual marketing (PDF)


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