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Скачать Canon EOS 40D Digital Field Guide - Charlotte K.Lowrie бесплатно

Canon EOS 40D Digital Field Guide - Charlotte K.Lowrie

Название: Canon EOS 40D Digital Field Guide
Автор: Charlotte K.Lowrie
Издательство: Wiley Publishing, Inc.
Год издания: 2008
Страниц: 322
Формат: PDF
Качество: норм.
Размер файла: 11 Мб
Язык: English

Canon EOS 40D Digital Field Guide - руководство для владельцев фототехники Canon серии EOS. Большинство тем подходит и для предыдущих моделей этой серии.


In the Canon EOS 40D, speed and reliability meet superior image quality and affordability. And the more you know about your camera, the better your images will be. So don't wait another minute. Learn how to work with color spaces and white balance, use Live View, set up the 40D for your shooting style, set and evaluate exposure, and more. Get helpful tips and advice that you can use every time in this handy guide that goes wherever you take pictures.
Discover how to use and modify Picture Styles, and why you should

*Create customized settings for the subjects you shoot most often
*Explore Canon lenses
*Work with natural light, onboard flash, and accessory Speedlites
*Understand when and why to use RAW capture
*Get insights for shooting action, events, weddings, stock shots, macro images, landscapes, and more...

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