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Скачать F-22 Raptor: America's Next Lethal War Machine бесплатно

F-22 Raptor: America's Next Lethal War Machine

Книга: F-22 Raptor: America's Next Lethal War Machine
Автор: Steve Pace
Страниц: 145
Формат: PDF
Размер: 6.96МБ
Качество: Отличное
Язык: Английский
Год издания: 1999


The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, about to be launched as America's premier Air Dominance Fighter, will replace the vaunted F-15C Eagle as the world's foremost fighter aircraft.
Once operational, it will be the swiftest, stealthiest, and deadliest plane in the skies, ready to out fly and out fight any opponent. Its Supercruise feature allows it to exceed the speed of sound without afterburners-an aviation first. Its radar profile is nearly as small as that of the stealth-dedicated F-117A Nighthawk. And its First-Look, First-Kill capability makes it virtually impervious to enemy counter-strike.
Profusely illustrated, this eye-opening volume documents every stage of our military's quest for the next Air dominance Fighter, while illuminating every aspect of the fierce warbird that ended that search... the F-22 Raptor. From drawing board to wind tunnel, test flight to tactical deployment, here is the most extensive survey available today of the fighter that will escort our armed forces into the 21st Century.

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