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Скачать AUSTERLITZ: The Empire at its Zenith бесплатно

AUSTERLITZ: The Empire at its Zenith

AUSTERLITZ: The Empire at its Zenith
Publisher: HISTOIRE & COLLECTIONS (31st December, 2003)
ISBN: 2913903711
Страниц: 128 pages
Формат: PDF
Размер файла: 30.1 mb

Austerlitz, its sun, its plain, the victorious march, the pursuit, the frozen marshes, Davout’s role, the charge of the Guard chasseurs à cheval... This volume brings us a vivid, precise, step-by-step account of the battle.
The fourth book in an excellent series from Histoire and Collections, Austerlitz covers the faous battle, the results of which saw Napoleon at the height of his power.
A detailed text is accompanied by contemporary paintings and a vast array of graphics illustrating the uniforms and equipment of the soldiers of the time.


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