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Скачать "DK Eyewitness Books - American Revolution" бесплатно

"DK Eyewitness Books - American Revolution"

"DK Eyewitness Books - American Revolution"
Staurt Murray
Published by Dorling Kindersley
| April 2005
| ISBN: 0756610605
| PDF Format, 66 pages
| English
| 10 MB

The American war for independence and its aftermath shaped the brand-new nation and provided many of the patriotic heroes and legends that are still celebrated today. In this handsome and informative addition to DK's Eyewitness series, many of the finer details of life during the Revolutionary War are explored, including, of course, the political backdrop, powerful leaders such as the young George Washington, and dramatic battles.

Discover how a few brave patriots battled a great empire. Be an eyewitness to the thrilling American war for independence: the battles and leaders, soldiers and heroes, scoundrels and patriots. It's all here in this ultimate visual guide that show you how it really was.
See a continental soldier's musket, a spy's hollow "silver bullet", Washington's sword, a bullet-riddled battle flag, the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence. Learn why Washington was commander-in-chief, how the Declaration of Independence was written, how Benedict Arnold was at first a patriot hero, how solders were drilled, who the Loyalists were, how France helped win American liberty.
Discover how Betsy Ross sewed the Stars and Stripes, the secrets of spies and traitors, why it was Breed's not Bunker Hill, why King George admired Washington, why Yorktown was not the end of the Revolution, and much, much more.



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