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Скачать Allied Special Forces Insignia 1939 - 1948 бесплатно

Allied Special Forces Insignia 1939 - 1948

Allied Special Forces Insignia 1939 - 1948
автор: Peter Taylor
издательство: Pen and Sword, 2000
Тип: pdf
Формат: rar
Размер: 25,6 Mb
Кол-во страниц: 220 pages
Изображения: фото, рисунки

Over the years the author has amassed a large collection of insignia associated with the Special Forces units of World War II. This detailed text and the 400 color illustrations which accompany it are the result of a lifetime of research, and is surely the most definitive book ever to be published on Special Forces insignia.American units covered include Merrill's Marauders, Airborneand Rangers. British and Commonwealth units include the Commandos, Parachute Regiment, Special Air Service, Special Boat Service, Long Range Desert Group, Chindits, and Special Operations Executive, as well as Canadian and Australian paratroopers.The most definitive book ever to cover WWII Special Forces Insignia.

Зеркало на файл: (Mirror)

Зеркало на файл: (Mirror)


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