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Скачать Weapons & Equipment Of The Napoleonic Wars бесплатно

Weapons & Equipment Of The Napoleonic Wars

Weapons & Equipment Of The Napoleonic Wars

From the top-selling author on the subject, Philip Haythornthwaite, comes the ultimate authoritative work on the weapons and equipment of the Napoleonic wars. Infantry and cavalry weapons and tactics, artillery and engineers, staff and supplies, uniforms and equipment, and living conditions are brought to life with startlingly vivid period reproductions. Detailed battle plans explain infantry formations, troop deployments, and skirmishes. Among the breathtaking images included: British squares resisting the French cavalry at Waterloo and the raising of the siege of Thionville, with the French infantry routing the Hungarians. British drill exercises and troop formations are outlined in full. Unsurpassed as the basic illustrated guide, this is ideal for historians, modelers, wargamers, and reenactors. 196 pages,(страниц) 150 b/w illustr. (черно-белых иллюстраций)
Arms & Armour
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