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Скачать Советская армия 70-80 г. бесплатно

Советская армия 70-80 г.
Название: Советская армия 70-80 г.
Автор: колектив
Формат: .pdf
Размер: 9,73mb+3,05mb+4,04mb
Язык: English
Советская армия 70-80 г.
2 книги изд.-ва Оспри+"The Soviet-Afghan War How a Superpower Fought and Lost :The Russian General Staff":
"...This book provides a rare insiders' look at the Soviet war machine in
Afghanistan. The lessons derived apply universally to other armies. The military
professional will be well served by studying this appraisal by other professionals."
Osprey Elite 12-Inside Soviet army today
Osprey Man-at-arms 178-Russia's war in Afghanistan
The Soviet-Afghan War How a Superpower Fought and Lost The Russian General Staff


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