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Скачать Heinkel He-162 Spatz (Volksjager) бесплатно

Heinkel He-162 Spatz (Volksjager)Название: Heinkel He-162 Spatz (Volksjager)
Автор: Miroslav Bily, Miroslav Balous
Издательство: MBI
ISBN: 808652406X
Год: 2004
Страниц: 74
Формат: PDF в RAR
Размер: 59.66МБ
Качество: хорошее
Язык: чешский/английский (Czech/English)
77 B&W photos and 59 colour 'walk-around' style photos, 15 scale drawings, numerous detail line drawings, cockpit interiors, 22 colour camouflage and marking illustrations. This volume brings you the anatomy of this last-ditch, 'ersatz' jet fighter aeroplane inside and outside. Compare this work of love and patience with some 'expert' and expensive publications who repeated some glaring mistakes accumulated in the press over some 20 years. They show fancy colour drawings of German cockpits with US equipment, side consoles looking oh so strange (!), no radios, incorrect instrument panels and several versions of colour schemes for the same aeroplane. We said 'enough' to the repetition of old mistakes and we spent uncounted hours in archives and museums to produce a reliable source publication. We took dimensions of real aeroplane and some parts so that we can now offer drawings close to the real thing. Compare to the previous guesstimate drawings and you will probably be surprised what differences you will find. The book also delves into the service of the He 162s used for tests after the WWII in different countries, showing relevant photos; there are many colour schemes, including personal aircraft of famous pilots of the JG 1. An important part is the 'walk around' showing details to enable superdetailing a model. About 10 pages, printed mostly in colour, contains a collections of details - including cockpit, undercarriage and its wheel wells, details of control surfaces, and also the gun bay with MG 151/20 cannon.


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