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Скачать Kagero Monographs №11 - Nakjima Ki-27 Nate бесплатно

Kagero Monographs No.11 - Nakjima Ki-27 Nate

Книга: Kagero Monographs No.11 - Nakjima Ki-27 Nate
Автор: Leszeka Wieliczko, Zygmunt Szeremeta
Издательство: Kagero Oficyna Wydawnicza
Страниц: 126
Формат: PDF
Размер: 53.21МБ
Качество: Отличное
Язык: Английский
Год издания: 2004
ISBN: 8389088517

Язык: польский/английский (Polish/English)
Details the full story of the Nakajima built Ki-27 (the name 'Nate' was given to it by the Allies as a means of easy identification, although it was also called Abdul in the China Burma India Theater of World War II). It also gives a complete explanation of how the designations used by the Japanese Army Air Force came about and what they mean.
The book begins with a period background of the world and the development of fighter aircraft in Japan. From there, it discusses the Ki-27's competition as well as its development and employment from the early stages and its operational use from its introduction in the China theatre in 1938 to its almost suicidal combat with the US Navy's F4U Corsairs and F6F Hellcats in the final days of WWII.
Camouflage and markings are also covered and a full explanation is offered for the all-of the different schemes worn by the Ki-27. Again, excellent information on a complex subject fully explained. The book is well illustrated with fifty full colour profile paintings as well as fifty two scrap views showing the squadron markings on the tails.
The book is profusely illustrated throughout with black and white photos. Whilst a few of them are reasonably well known, the vast majority of them are newly published. The quality ranges from excellent sharp and clear ones that look to have been taken by professional photographers to what look like snapshots taken by members of the squadrons themselves.

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