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Скачать Aviatik B-types бесплатно

Aviatik B-types
Aviatik B-types (Windsock Datafile 102)
By Peter M. Grosz

Publisher: Albatros Productions Ltd 2003
36 Pages
ISBN: 1902207572

This comprehensive Windsock Datafile monograph covers the history of the Aviatik B-Type general purpose and bombing aircraft that equipped the German Fliegertruppe going into WWI and served on throughout the war. “B” designated “unarmed” aircraft, and an unarmed Aviatik B was the first German aircraft downed in air-to-air combat. An Aviatik B was also the first aircraft to fall to Roland Garros’ deflector gear. Ironically, the Aviatik exacted revenge as “the first German aircraft to be armed with a machine gun for offensive purposes” and six months after one fell to a Voison pusher, an Aviatik downed a Voison pusher.

The historical black and white photos are amazingly as sharp as the day they were shot, and include the cockpit, machine gun mounts and just about every other detail a modeler could want. Excellent cover color artwork includes three Aviatik in German service and one Swiss. I’m not the first to be taken aback by the bold copyright warnings on the line drawings, but you have to cut the publisher some slack when you realize the extraordinary original research and detail that has gone into this highly recommended monograph.


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