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Скачать Ship modelling hints & tips бесплатно

Ship modelling hints & tips
Ship modelling hints & tips
By Jason Craine

Publisher: Arco Publishing 1972 128 Pages
ISBN: 0668033487

At a time when there is a marked upsurge of interest in the construction of ship models of all types, it is a pleasure to introduce this new edition of 'Ship Modelling Hints and Tips/
Lt. Cdr J H Craine, R.N.R. (Ret'd) — 'Jason' - was known to modelmakers all over the world. For a period of more than thirty years he fostered and sustained a lasting interest in ship modelling through his writings in various magazines, by his assistance in the formation of ship model societies and lectures to them, and by an active participation, either as organiser or judge, at exhibitions of ship models.
These activities brought him into contact with a wide range of modelmakers, and if they benefited from his experience and advice, then he in turn amassed a very considerable knowledge of models and the people who made them, and of the many pitfalls awaiting the unwary.


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