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Скачать AEG G.IV бесплатно

AEG G.IV (Windsock Datafile 51) By Peter M. Grosz
Publisher: Albatros Productions Ltd 1995 40 Pages
ISBN: 0948414669

Our second German bomber monograph profiles the AEG GIV, a type which heretofore has stood in the shadows of its better known contemporaries, the Gotha and the Friedrichshafen. Author Peter M Grosz reveals that the compact AEG was nevertheless the best of the three and proved to be a most efficient bombing aeroplane, easy to fly and maintain and of a robust construction that endeared it to its hard-working crews. The AEG G type bombers played a major role in the 1917-1918 air war with regular predations on strategic Allied targets to great effect initially by day, then by night. Its place in WWI aviation history therefore, is an important one and this book provides a worthy tribute to this classic machine.


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