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Скачать The LVG B.I бесплатно

The LVG B.I (Windsock Datafile 98)
By Peter M. Grosz

Publisher: Albatros Productions Ltd 2003 35 Pages
ISBN: 190220753X

In August 1914 the strength of the German FJiegerfruppe was vested in a triad of Iwihsc'tl biplanes manufactured by Albatros. Aviatik and LVG. These machines were characterized by a nigged airframe with ample room for the pilot and observer, photographic equipment and a modest bomb load plus sufficient fuel capacity lor extended time aloft -regarded a valuable asset for army reconnaissance work. As such these versatile B-type biplanes totally eclipsed Ihedefunci and torpid Tiiubn monoplanes that the Fliegertruppe had been lorced to use in the war's early months owing to the unexpectedly high combat wastage and slow pace of aircraft replacement.
Numerically the most important of the three types when hostilities com­menced was the LVG B.I biplane designed by chief engineer Franz Schneider, a Swiss citizen who had cut his teeth as an aircraft designer for Edouard Mcuport in France.' Born in Swlt?erland in 1871, Schneider, after attending a public sch(X>l, apprenticed in the field of fine mechanics and electro-technology and joined the Siemens works in Nurnberg where he developed lighting devices, measuring instruments, small electromotors and dynamos.


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