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Скачать Caudron G.3 бесплатно

Caudron G.3
Caudron G.3 (Windsock Datafile 94)
By Jon Guttman

Publisher: Albatros Productions Ltd 1999 40 Pages
ISBN: 1902207491

This year US author/historian Jon Guttman has provided readers with two new DATAFILES profiling the best-known Caudron designs of WWI. Popular with their crews, both the G.3 and G.4 (to be the subject of our 96th DATAFILE) performed well during the Great War despite their deceptively 'frail' appearance. Enthusiasts are doubly fortunate that excellant specimens of both types survive today in some of the world's most pretigious air museums. We are grateful to these organisations and various photographers for allowing us the opportunity of presenting the detailed close-ups published in these pages, images so vital for model makers and illustrators.
The wartime stories of the G.3 and G.4 will fascinate; the author providing graphic descriptions of the many daring exploits undertaken by Caudron crews of several nationalities. Archaic, even by WWI standards, the twin-boom tractor Caudron designs deserve their place in the annals of the first air war.


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