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Скачать DFW C.V бесплатно

DFW C.V (Windsock Datafile 53)
By Peter M. Grosz

Publisher: Albatros Productions Ltd 1995 40 Pages
ISBN: 0948414707

One of the truly great aircraft of the First World War is how Peter M Grosz sums up the DFW C.V -few would disagree. In this long overdue pictorial study of the type the author contributes a generous proportion of his DFW archive to provide modellers and enthusiasts with a unique and unrivalled reference package. That there is surprisingly little surviving documentation on the DFW C.V is offset by the enormous amount of photographic material that has been left to us and Peter's own extensive collection has been put to good use when compiling this DATAF1LE.
The long-serving C.V was built not only by the parent company but also by Aviatik, LVG and Halberstadt — many examples from these sub-contractors are illustrated on the following pages while Ian Stair has completely re-drafted his original scale drawings in the light of new data.


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