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Скачать Brandenburg W 29 бесплатно

Brandenburg W 29
Brandenburg W 29 (Windsock Datafile 55)
By Peter M. Grosz

Publisher: Albatros Productions Ltd 1996 40 Pages
ISBN: 094841474X

Seaplanes have been conspicuous by their absence thus far in the DATAFILE series so now we 'top and tail' 1996 with two popular types and for the first title of the new year the W29 was an obvious choice. Popular with its crews, and rightly respected by their opposite numbers flying Felixstowe boats from North Sea coastal stations, the Brandenburg can boast a distinguished wartime career. As a result of its high performance, the modern-looking W29 enjoyed considerable production orders and was built under licence by UFAG during the
war and five other countries after the armistice, serving them well for many years between the wars.
Despite the prominence of the W29, the surviving photographic record is spartan and the best that is available to us is reproduced on the following pages. Sadly detail close-ups of interiors and structural points of interest for modellers are virtually non-existant but extra drawings are provided which, hopefully, should satisfy the most demanding of enthusiasts.


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