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Скачать Sopwith B.1 & T.1 Cuckoo бесплатно

Sopwith B.1 & T.1 Cuckoo
Sopwith B.1 & T.1 Cuckoo (Windsock Datafile 90)
By J. M. Bruce

Publisher: Albatros Productions Ltd 2001 40 Pages
ISBN: 1902207416

Spring 1917 saw the introduction of the Sopwith B.I, a powerful single seater designed as a bomber to supercede the bombing version of the lfi Strutter (DFNo. 80) Contemporary with the B.I was the T.l, designed as a torpedo carrier - both machines were powered by the 200-hp Hispano Suiza and both resembled each other closely. So it is logical to cover both types in this DATABLE and here Jack Bruce presents their respective histories in some depth.
The T. 1 was eventually named Cuckoo; three versions were subsequently produced, and in 1921 six Viper-powered Cuckoos went to Japan as examples of instructional torpedo-carrying aeroplanes.
Although too late to play an active role in WWI, the Cuckoo was one of the first true examples of its kind, and in a later conflict, the effectiveness of torpedo strike by aeroplane would be more than amply demonstrated.


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