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Скачать Avro Anson Marks I, II, III, IV and X бесплатно

23 августа 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Разная литература » Военной тематики | Комментариев: 0
Avro Anson Marks I, II, III, IV and X
Avro Anson Marks I, II, III, IV and X
By Alan W. Hall, Eric Taylor

Publisher: Almark Publishing 1972 64 Pages
ISBN: 0855240644

The Avro Anson, popularly called 'Faithful Annie', was one of the most widely used and best known of Royal Air Force air­craft in the period from 1938 onwards. Some later Marks of the Anson served with the RAF until only a few years ago. This book is a record of the early Marks only and covers initial squadron service with Coastal Command and then with Train­ing Command. Thousands of aircrew personnel trained on Ansons with the RAF and with Commonwealth air forces. Can­ada developed its own version and dozens of Ansons were also sold to foreign air arms. All such details of service are included in this book. There are three pages of colour scheme drawings, numerous line drawings, and over 60 pictures, many of them hitherto unpublished. The exten­sive appendices provide the most detailed record yet offered of Anson production and numbers. The book will appeal to all air­craft enthusiasts and model makers, providing as it does a wealth of valuable information not published elsewhere.


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