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Скачать P-51 Mustang (1): Prototype Through P-51C бесплатно

28 августа 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Разная литература » Военной тематики | Комментариев: 0
P-51 Mustang (1): Prototype Through P-51C
P-51 Mustang (1): Prototype Through P-51C (Detail & Scale 50)
By Bert Kinzey

Publisher: Squadron Signal Publications 1996 74 Pages
ISBN: 1888974028

As volume 50, this title marks a milestone in the Detail & Scale Series. It exemplifies the success and longevity of a series of aviation publications designed primarily to illustrate and explain the physical details of aircraft. Previously, only two series of aviation books have reached their fiftieth volume. But volume 50 is also a first in that it is the initial title in the series to be pro­duced and distributed with Squadron/Signal Publications as the publisher. This is just as significant as reaching the fiftieth volume, because it represents a rebirth of the series and will make these books available to more avia­tion enthusiasts than ever before.
Of all the subjects covered in previous books in this series, none has had more information published about it than the P-51 Mustang. Indeed, so much has been written about North American's famous fighter, that it would not be unjustified for a person to wonder why anyone would want to write another book about it. However, what has not been published about the Mustang is a close-up, detailed look at the aircraft or clear, concise explanations about the differences between the variants. Even among people who study aircraft, very few know which versions of the Allison-powered Mustangs had chin-mounted machine guns, or which had cannon armament. It is this look at all Mustang variants that Detail & Scale has set out to produce.


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