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Скачать Bristol Britannia бесплатно

6 сентября 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Разная литература » Военной тематики | Комментариев: 0
Bristol BritanniaНазвание: Bristol Britannia
Автор: Charles Woodley
Издательство: Crowood Press
ISBN: 1861265158
Год: 2002
Страниц: 143
Формат: PDF в RAR
Размер: 60.04МБ
Язык: английский
This title charts the evolution and history of one of Britain's finest airliners and one of its greatest disappointments. Conceived soon after World War II, the Britannia was to be the largest, fastest, quietest and longest-range airliner of its day. Technical problems delayed the Britannia and by the time it entered service it had been rendered obsolete by the new generation of jets. But although it had a very short front-line service career, the Britannia became a stalwart of charter and cargo operators. With technical and design details, full coverage of its operational history, plus many previously unseen photographs, this book aims to be a tribute to a dream that never quite came true.


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