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Скачать D-Day: The Campaign for Normandy, June-August 1944 бесплатно

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D-Day: The Campaign for Normandy, June-August 1944
D-Day: The Campaign for Normandy, June-August 1944
By Peter Simunovich, John-Paul Brisigotti, Phil Yates

Publisher: Battlefront Miniatures Ltd 2007 64 Pages
ISBN: 0958275521

In the early morning darkness of 6 June 1944, the largest armada of ships the world has ever seen heaves to off the Normandy coastline. Aboard, thousands of Allied soldiers wait in readiness for their date with destiny. Months of planning, training and preparation are now behind them. On this day they will undertake the greatest amphibious assault in history, and on their success or failure hangs the very fate of the liberation of Europe from the jackboot of Nazi domination. D-Day is finally here!
Operation Overlord
In November 1943, following months of negotiations, the British and American Governments finally agreed zo a full-scale invasion of German-occupied France—Operation Overlord—provisionally scheduled for May 1944. In December, US General Dwight D Eisenhower was ap­pointed Supreme Commander of Supreme Headquarters Allied Exped itionary Force (SHAEF) charged with planning the invasion. Under his command General Sir Bernard Montgomery's 21 Army Group consisted of the US First Army under General Omar Bradley and the British Second Army under Lieutenant-General Sir Miles Dempsey. The vast forces involved meant that not all could be landed at once, so spearheads would have to land on the invasion beaches and push inland clearing the way for others to follow.
Target Normandy
The Allies chose Normandy for the landings, rather than the shortest route across the English Channel from Dover to the Pas de Calais. Hitler himself suspected that Normandy would be the site of any invasion but, unusually, allowed himself to be persuaded otherwise by his generals. To rein­force this conviction, the Allies launched a major deception plan, Operation Fortitude, using double agents, fake signals transmissions, news stories, broadcasts and dummy encamp­ments.


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