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Скачать World War II: People, Politics, and Power бесплатно

World War II: People, Politics, and Power
Издательство: Rosen Education Service
Серия: America at War
Автор: William L. Hosch
Язык: English
Год издания: 2010
Количество страниц: 261
ISBN: 978-1-61530-046-4
Формат: pdf (e-book)
Размер: 7,43 mb

World War II is just one title in this five book series that gives readers a detailed look into America's military history. Military legacies are not just about dates and timelines; they're about our strengths and weaknesses, ignorance and brilliance, and desire for peace or dominance. Students will discover the underlying motivations, causes and consequences of military engagement throughout America's history. Written for high school and college students, these image-studded volumes are a must-read for anyone interested in understanding America's experience in the crucible of war. Each volume includes in-depth, balanced coverage of key military, political, and civilian leadership. Engaging narratives about crucial battles transport the student into all sides of America's wartime actions, creating an unforgettable reading experience.


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