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Скачать The United States Navy; a handbook бесплатно

The United States Navy; a handbook

Автор:Henry Williams
Название: The United States Navy; a handbook
Издательство: New York : H. Holt and company
Год: 1911
Формат: PDF
Размер: 21.5 mb

IN the course of the author's tour of duty in the Navy Department, he was called on fre¬quently to prepare answers to letters request¬ing information about the Navy. These letters came from all parts and all classes. The wide¬spread interest indicated in this manner, coupled with the absence of a book of general informa-tion regarding the Navy designed for general reading, induced him to undertake the prepara¬tion of this book. It is intended primarily for the information of persons having some interest in naval affairs but it is not technical. Only subjects of possible general interest have been discussed, and those only so far as they seemed to supply interest.
There is at all times a demand on the press for news of the Navy's doings. The author frequently has had the privilege of furnishing in¬formation and data to newspapermen for use in their paragraphs and has in this way also felt the need for a simple manual or handbook on the Navy.
Another inducement for the preparation of the book was the fact that the Navy's enlisted men are drawn almost entirely from inland states; many of them previous to their enlist¬ment never saw the ocean. The friends and relatives of these men have had no ready means of satisfying a natural desire to be informed as to the Navy.


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