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Скачать Allied Forces: Central Europe бесплатно

Allied Forces: Central Europe
Allied Forces: Central Europe (Tanks Illustrated 1)
By Pierre Touzin

Publisher: Arms & Armour Press 1985 68 Pages
ISBN: 0853685827

The combat units of the NATO forces are in training either separately or together all year round. Much of the training of the ground forces takes place in military camps, but in September each year there is a large-scale exercise in West Germany as part of the 'Autumn Forge' series of exercises. During this time the combat vehicles may be seen outside their usual confines, operating in what would be their environment in a time of conflict. The exercise allows units from the participating nations to familiarize themselves with their allies' items of equipment and to ameliorate problems arising from language difficulties.
This volume presents the main combat vehicle types in use with the major armies protecting NATO's central front: namely units from the Belgian, British, Canadian, Dutch, West German and US armies. The vehicles are depicted on exercise, which provides journalists and authors with a unique opportunity to see many interesting vehicles and operations in a short space of time. For about ten days each year since 1974 I have been fortunate to attend the September exercise in West Germany. The photographs presented in this volume have been selected from my endeavours of the last eight years and afford the reader an unusual perspective on many of the modern combat vehicles in service with the Allied forces in Europe.


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