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Скачать A Concise history of the war between Japan and China бесплатно

A Concise history of the war between Japan and China
Название: A Concise history of the war between Japan and China
Автор: Jukichi Inouye
Издательство: Osaka : Z. Mayekawa
Год: 1895
Язык: English
Страниц: 118
Формат: JPG
Размер: 24.3 mb

The object of this little book is to give a succinct account of the progress of the war between Japan and China up to the time of its compilation. No one can be more sensible than the compiler, of the defects of a work of this kind. In writing of a war still in progress, we cannot grasp the true proportion of its events, as we are liable to be dazzled by brilliant achievements and to attach to them a greater importance than to those which, though no less vital to the accomplishment of the object of the war, fail to attract public attention through absence' of stirring victories. Such, for instance, are the operations in North Manchuria, for though the retention of positions like Haiching and Funghwang-ching will afterwards be found to have been as indispensable towards a successful termination of the war as the capture of Port Arthur or Wei-hai-wei, we are more fascinated by the brillancy of the Japanese victories at those fortresses than by the stubborn resistance offered unflinchingly to inclement climate and harassing armies. While the size of this work frees it from the perplexity which would arise in a more complete history from the very multitude of newspaper reports, this same compactness exposes it to the sin of omission as regards those events, the important consequences of which we do not at present suspect. While recognising this fatal want of historical perspective, the compiler was led to produce the present work with the sole object of briefly recounting the principal events of the war, a survey of which is complicated by the operations of the Japanese armies in divers directions.

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