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Скачать British Infantry Uniforms: From Marlborough to Wellington бесплатно

British Infantry Uniforms: From Marlborough to Wellington
Издательство: Ward Lock
Авторы: Liliane Funcken, Fred Funcken
Язык: English
Год издания: 1976
Количество страниц: 47
ISBN: 0-7063-5214-9
Формат: pdf
Размер: 26,1 mb

In England soldiers' dress did not become a real uniform on a large scale until the Civil War, when the 'New Model Army' was organized in 1645 by Cromwell, and later fought the armies of Charles I at Naseby.
Red had generally been the traditional colour during this dramatic period of change. The reason for this choice was the fact that red cloth was so very cheap.
It was not until the Restoration and Charles II's accession to the throne that Britain created a regular standing army. Between 1660 and 1685 its size increased from five to nine regiments.


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