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Скачать Understanding and Speaking Siswati бесплатно

Understanding and Speaking Siswati
Author: Loren Nussbaum, Sandlane Zwane, T. T. Ginindza
Publisher: Peace Corps
Publication date: 1969
ISBN: xxxxx
Number of pages: 449

Format / Quality: pdf-zipped
Size: 5940 KB
The present volume comprises an introductory course to spoken siSwati, an African language of the Niger-Congo group, also referred to as Swazi. The materials have two principle components, "Understanding siSwati" and "Speaking siSwati," each consisting of a series of "Cycles." The purpose of the U.S. component is to give the student an opportunity to understand the language before attempting to speak it; the S.S. component has the more conventional goal of teaching the student to speak the language by requiring him to mimic several related sentences and then to use them in a brief conversation. No direct effort is made to teach the reading or writing of siSwati in this volume. An explanation of the methodology and suggestions to the teacher for presenting the materials are provided in the introduction. Appended are listings of special usages and forms, and a siSwati-English vocabulary.

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