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Скачать Grammaire Ronga (XiRonga/ShiRonga/GiRonga) - Manuel de Conversation бесплатно

Grammaire Ronga (XiRonga/ShiRonga/GiRonga) - Manuel de Conversation
Author: Henri A. Junod
Publication date: 1896
ISBN: xxxxx
Number of pages: 318

Format / Quality: pdf-zipped
Size: 4,70MB
Ronga (XiRonga; sometimes ShiRonga or GiRonga) is a South-Eastern Bantu language in the Tswa-Ronga family spoken just South of Maputo in Mozambique. It extends a little into South Africa. It has about 650,000 speakers in Mozambique and a further 90,000 in South Africa, with dialects including Konde, Putru and Kalanga.

The French philologist Junod seems to have been the first linguist to have studied it in the late 19th century.

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