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Скачать Njém Tonology бесплатно

Njém Tonology
Author: Akumbu Pius Wuchu
Publisher: Yaounde
Publication date: 2006
ISBN: xxxxx
Number of pages: 306

Format / Quality: pdf-zipped
Size: 1,69
The Njyem (or Njem or Ndjem) are an ethnic group inhabiting the rain forest zone of southern Cameroon and northern Republic of the Congo. In Cameroon, the Njyem live along the road running south from Lomié, passing the government center of Ngoyla and going as far south as Djadom. From there, footpaths extend to Souanke in northern Congo. Their territory lies south of the Nzime people and north of the Bekwel, both related groups. Ngoyla is the largest Njyem center. Souanke is equally important, but is a center shared with the Bekwel. They speak Njyem ("NJY"), one of the Makaa-Njem Bantu languages.

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