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Скачать A Grammar of Najamba (eastern dialect of Najamba-Kindige-Bondu language) -Mali бесплатно

A Grammar of Najamba (eastern dialect of Najamba-Kindige-Bondu language) -Mali
Author: Jeffrey Heath
Publisher: University of Michigan
Publication date: 2008
ISBN: xxxxxxx
Number of pages: 425

Format / Quality: pdf-zipped
Size: 3,17MB
Dogon is a division of the Niger-Congo phylum. Its genetic position within
Niger-Congo is not yet clear; one suggestion is that it is closest to the Gur
The internal genetic classification of Dogon is also unclear at this time,
principally due to the lack of detailed grammatical descriptions, and the paucity
of dictionaries with tone markings and other relevant features.
This grammar is one of the products of a project initially focused on Jamsay
and later extended to other Dogon languages in the vicinities of Douentza and
Boni, i.e. in the northern to northeastern sector of Dogon country, some distance
from the “classic” Dogon country centered in the Bandiagara-Sanga zone. Other
languages beside Jamsay that I have studied in this project are Beni, Walo,
Nanga, and Tabi-Sarinyere.

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