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Скачать Bantu-Romance Connection: A Comparative Investigation of Verbal Agreement, DPs, and Information Structure бесплатно


The Bantu-Romance Connection: A Comparative Investigation of Verbal Agreement, DPs, and Information Structure
Editors: Cécile De Cat & Katherine Demuth
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam/Philadelphia
Year: 2008
Number of pages: xx + 355
Format: pdf/rar
Size: 3.17 MB
This landmark volume is the first work specifically designed to explore the extent to which striking surface morpho-syntactic similarities between Bantu and Romance languages actually represent similar syntactic structures. In particular, it explores the timely and much debated issues of verbal morphology and agreement, the structure of DPs, and word order/information structure, with the goal of providing a better understanding of the structure of the different languages investigated, and the implications this holds for syntactic theory more generally. All of the papers draw on data from both Bantu and Romance languages, providing a framework for much-needed further comparative research on the nature of linguistic structure, its diversity and constraints, and the implications this has for learnability/acquisition. The volume also provides an important precedent for incorporating insights from Bantu linguistic structure into mainstream of syntax research.

Table of contents

Acknowledgments vii
List of contributors ix–x
Introduction xi–xix

Part 1. Clitics and agreement
Concepts of structural underspecification in Bantu and Romance
Lutz Marten, Ruth Kempson and Miriam Bouzouita 3–39
On different types of clitic clusters
Anna Cardinaletti 41–82
Pronominal object markers in Romance and Bantu
Marie Labelle 83–109
The Bantu-Romance connection in verb movement and verbal inflectional morphology
Carolyn Harford 111–128

Part 2. The structure of DPs
DP in Bantu and Romance
Vicki Carstens 131–165
On the interpretability of φ-features
Roberto Zamparelli 167–199
Agreement and concord in nominal expressions
Giuliana Giusti 201–237
A unified syntactic analysis of Italian and Luganda nouns
Franca Ferrari-Bridgers 239–258

Part 3. Information structure
The fine structure of the Topic field
Mara Frascarelli 261–292
Focus at the interface: Evidence from Romance and Bantu
João Costa and Nancy C. Kula 293–322
Agreement in thetic VS sentences in Bantu and Romance
Jenneke van der Wal 323–350

Index of languages 351
General index 353–355

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