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Скачать Sierra Leone Temne Language Manual бесплатно

Sierra Leone Temne Language Manual
Author: Peace Corps; Sierra Leone; Temne
Publisher: Peace Corps, Washington, DC.
Publication date: 1987
ISBN: xxxxxxx
Number of pages: 135
Format / Quality: PDF-zipped
Size: 2,61MB
A language guide to Temne is designed for Peace Corps volunteers serving in Sierra Leone. It contains introductory sections about the Temnes and Temne phonology and orthography, teacher notes on the use of the manual, and 12 lessons. Each lesson consists of a dialogue or narrative, notes on classroom presentation, vocabulary and useful phrases, exercises, and notes on grammar. Lesson topics include basic greetings, introducing a friend, job information, the marketplace, the dining hall, asking for directions, traveling by truck, communication with the tribal chief, talking to the family, refusing gifts and invitations politely, and the tailor shop. Some illustrations are included.

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