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Скачать Teach Yourself Zulu- Complete Coure for Beginners (Book+Audio) бесплатно

Teach Yourself Zulu- Complete Coure for Beginners (Book+Audio)
Publisher: Teach Yourself
Publication date: 1996
Number of pages: 24o
Format / Quality: PDF-zipped+mp3 - Audio ripped from cassettes
Size: Book(74,71MB)+Audio(45118 KB + 42.284 MB)+Key(5,48MB)

Teach Yourself - Complete language courses that span the globe. From Bengali to Zulu, Gaelic to Serbo-Croat, ancient Greek to Indonesian, the languages of the world are brought within the reach of any beginning language student. These complete courses are based on the very latest learning methods and designed to be enjoyable and user friendly. Prepared by experts in the language, each course begins with the basics and gradually elevates the student to a level of smooth and confident communication including - up-to-date, graded interactive dialogues; graded units of culture notes, grammar, and exercises; step-by-step guide to pronunciation; tables of verbs; practical vocabulary; plenty of practice exercises.


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