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Скачать Mwaghavul - English Lexicon бесплатно

Mwaghavul - English Lexicon
Author: Nathaniel Yeeɗen Fii’an Daapiya Roger Blench Jacob Bess
Publisher: Kay Williamson Educational Foundation
Publication date: 2008
ISBN: (08036236494)
Number of pages: 174
Format / Quality: PDF-zipped
Size: 1,11MB
This dictionary of the Mwaghavul language is based on an electronic manuscript prepared by Nathaniel
Daapiya, whose original preface and introduction is included below. Roger Blench received the manuscript
in August 2007 and converted the text into a database-like format, reformatted the whole text and edited or
rewrote many of the definitions. By agreement with Mr. Dapiya, a number of the original appendices,
entitled ‘compendium’, have been deleted. Together with Jacob Bess of the Mwaghavul Bible Translation
Team, the introductory materials on Mwaghavul phonology and grammar have been prepared.
Identifications of plants and animals have been made by Roger Blench and Jacob Bess and photographs
included were all taken by Roger Blench. This remains a draft document circulated for comment and

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