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Скачать An outline grammar of Celtiberian бесплатно

An outline of Celtiberian grammar
Author: D.S. Wodtko
Publication date: 2003
Number of pages: 35
Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 1.25 Mb
The following pages attempt to give a short outline of Celtiberian grammar in a diachronic perspective. They intend to be a summary for quick information and didactic purposes, rather than an in depth discussion of, or a novel approach to specific questions.

The description is based on the grammar and the texts as given in MLH IV, and on the discussion of Celtiberian lexical items in MLH V.1.1 For the great number of etymological suggestions and different grammatical theories dealt with in those books, bibliographical
references will not be repeated here. Interpretations and translations proposed by various authors for single Celtiberian words and forms can all be looked up in the
Celtiberian dictionary, MLH V.1, and in a more condensed form in MLH IV (pp.490ff). The most important alternative approaches to historical Celtiberian grammar are set out in the introductory pages of MLH V.1; short references are also provided in the grammar of MLH IV.

Reference to these books is made here once and for all and will not be repeated in connection with individual words, since the alternative would be to quote them again and again for almost every lexical item adduced. The reader who seeks more information, including a wealth of bibliographical data, and a more explicit justification for the grammatical interpretations adopted here, must turn to MLH.

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