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Скачать Plene-Writing in Neo-Hittite бесплатно

Plene-Writing in Neo-Hittite
Author: Aleksandra Makarova
Publisher: University of California, Berkeley
Publication date: 2001
Number of pages: 165
Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 0.66 Mb
Plene-writing can be defined as the repetition of a vowel sign before or after a syllabic sign containing an adjacent identical (or ambiguous with possibility of being identical) vowel. Each of the four vowels in Hittite (a, i, e, u) can be written plene. Thus, for example, the following forms may occur: a-ar-hu-un ‘I reached, attained’, a-pa-a-aš ‘that one (N. sg.)’, i-it ‘go (2sg. imp.)’, ha-an-ti-i ‘separately’, e-ep-zi ‘he takes’, na-ak-ke-e-eš ‘heavy, important (N. pl.)’, ú-uk ‘I, self, ego (N.)’, nu-u-ma-an ‘never, by no means’.

The vast majority of Hittite words of all periods that occur with plene writing can also be found without it. It is also widely accepted that, in general, the plene-spelling is more frequent in the Old and Middle Hittite texts than in the writings of the late empire.

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