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Скачать Etruscan: The Iguvine inscriptions and a grammatical sketch бесплатно

Etruscan: The Iguvine inscriptions and a grammatical sketch
Author: VV.AA.
Publisher: Uz-Translations
Publication date: 2009
Number of pages: 686

Format / Quality: PDF - High
Size: 6.3 Mb
As a complement to the already posted volume on Etruscan language, it is fair to also post epigraphic material with grammatical analysis in order to have a fair idea about the language involved.

Thus, you find here:

1. The text of the Iguvine inscriptions, with interlinear Latin translation, by Francis W. Newman, a classic, dated 1864.

2. Umbrian erus, by M. Weiss, from Cornell University. Note that the Umbrian word erus/erus is of fairly frequent occurrence on the Iguvine tables, attested 24 times. Yet it retains its mystery. There is no communis
opinio about its meaning, etymology, or even its form.

3. ISCRIZIONI TIRSENE E VELSINIE (etrusche) A CONFRONTO, by di Mario, quite an entangled material, sort of chaotic, but still useful.

4. Introduction: The Third and Fourth Iguvine Tables, by unknown author, a quite professional scholarly-styled work. I only got partial material here, but more than enough for you to dig into Etruscology.

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