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Скачать Sarasvati Epigraphs (Vol 7) бесплатно

Sarasvati Epigraphs (Vol 7)
Author: S. Kalyanaraman
Publisher: Baba Saheb (Umakanta Keshav) Apte Smarak Samiti
Publication date: 2003
ISBN: 81-901126-7-0
Number of pages: 348

Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 25.1 Mb
This is volume 7 of a collection which comprises the following titles:

Sarasvati: Civilization
Sarasvati: R.gveda
Sarasvati: River
Sarasvati: Bharati
Sarasvati: Technology
Sarasvati: Language
Sarasvati: Epigraphs (this volume)

This septet constitutes a fitting homage to Babasaheb (Uma_ka_nt kes’av) Apte, a presentation of the history of Bha_rata from a Bha_rati_ya socio-cultural perspective.

The seven volumes provide a framework for understanding the writing system evolved ca. 5,300 years ago to record the possessions and items traded by metal- and fire-workers, the bharata-s.

The language spoken by the people is also becoming clearer, with the existence of a linguistic area on the banks of the two rivers – the substrata and ad-strata lexemes which seem to match the glyphs of inscribed objects are a testimony to this discovery. This calls for a paradigm shift in the study of languages of Bha_rata with particular reference to the essential semantic unity of all the language families, thanks to intense socio-economic and cultural interactions across the length and breadth of Bha_rata.

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