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Скачать Papers on Elamite бесплатно

Papers on Elamite
Author: VV.AA.
Publisher: Uz-Translations
Publication date: 2009
Number of pages: 266

Format / Quality: PDF - High (includes hi-res images of tablets)
Size: 51.2 Mb
Papers on Elamite, including high resolution images of cuneiform tablets. Included papers are the following:

1. Elamite and Dravidian: Further Evidence of Relationship, dated 1975, by D. McAlpin

2. Loan-Words in Achaemenid Elamite: the spellings of Old Persian month-names, dated 2003, by G.P. Basello

3. Die Zahlzeichensysteme der Archaischen Texte aus Uruk, dated 1987, by P. Damerow and R. K. Englund

4. Zur rechnergestützten Bearbeitung der archaischen Texte aus Mesopotamien (ca. 3200 - 3000 v. Chr.), dated 1989, by P. Damerow, R. Englund, H. Nissen

5. Die ersten Zahldarstellungen und die Entwicklung des Zahlbegriffs, dated 1988, by the same authors

6. The Proto-Elamite Texts from Tepe Yahya, by P. Damerow and R.K. Englund, dated 1989

7. Indrukken in Klei - Het begin van het getal, dated 1991, by the same authors

8. The Proto-Elamite Script, by R.K. Englund, undated

9. Elam Il, dated 1998, chapter from "Proto-Elamite", by R.K. Englund)

10. The state of decipherment of Proto-Elamite, by the same author, undated

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