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Скачать Aramaic Levi Document: Edition, Translation, Commentary бесплатно


The Aramaic Levi Document: Edition, Translation, Commentary
Authors: Jonas C. Greenfield, Michael E. Stone, Esther Eshel
Publisher: Brill, Leiden/Boston
Year: 2004
Number of pages: xiv + 281
Format: pdf/rar
Size: 1.28 MB
The Aramaic Levi Document is a collection of larger and smaller fragments identified in Aramaic, Greek and Syriac. The discovery of Aramaic fragments among at Qumran confirmed its antiquity and it is now considered to be one of the oldest Jewish works outside the Hebrew Bible. It presents surprising ideas about the priesthood, sacrifice, wisdom and ideals of piety. Greenfield, Stone and Eshel, each expert in their field, have for the first time presented this work as a single coherent whole (as far as the fragments allow). As well as the original texts, they have translated the book into English and written an extensive and detailed commentary as well as an introduction. Indexes, Concordances of Greek and Aramaic words complete the study. This book will move the study of this pivotal document to a new level.

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