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Скачать Learn with Music - Sami Yusuf бесплатно


Learn with Music - Sami Yusuf
Artist:Sami Yusuf
Format / Quality: Mp3 | 320 Kbps
Language: English / Arabic / Persian / Turkish / Azeri
Sami Yusuf (born July 1980) is a British Muslim singer-songwriter of Azeri descent.

He was born in Tehran, his parents moved to Britain when he was three, and he was raised in west London.

Sami's first album Al-Mu'allim was self-produced and released in July 2003 and attained huge success. His second album, My Ummah, which was released in 2005, comes in two versions, a musical version and one with just percussion. Yusuf's music comprises mostly of songs to do with Islam and being a Muslim in today's world. He also deals with many social and humanitarian issues in his music. Presently, he is fast becoming a very popular figure in the Islamic world, having made videos for several of his tracks. He has held concerts all around the world, the biggest concert was held in Istanbul, Turkey with 200,000 people, in 2007.
A third album, Without You, was planned for release during mid-2008 but was delayed and then launched by Awakening Records in January 2009. According to some websites, Sami claims, due to legal issues, that this is not his official album and that his actual album will be released in February or March. Sami Yusuf has stated on his official website, that the album Awakening has released is a compilation of demos and sketches that have been released by Awakening with a quality inferior to the normally high standards of Sami Yusuf, himself.

However Awakening Records claims that this album is official, and features the album prominently on the Sami Yusuf website they run.

Sami performed two of the songs from his new album at his Wembley concert (21 October 2007), and during his US tour, organised by Islamic Relief. He is now ranked the number one singer in the islamic world.


* Released: July, 2003
* Total Sales: 1,000,000
* Singles: "Al-Mu'allim" and "Supplication"

My Ummah

* Released: September, 2005
* Total sales : 4,000,000
* Singles: "Hasbi Rabbi", "Mother" and "Munajat"

Without You

* Released: January, 2009
* Singles: "Asma Allah" "Forever Palestine"


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