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Скачать A Course in Levantine Arabic бесплатно


A Course in Levantine Arabic
Author: Ernest N McCarus, Hamdi Qafisheh, Raji Rammuny
Publisher: University of Michigan, Dept. of Near Eastern studies
Publication date: 1978
Number of pages: 349
Format / Quality: RAR/PDF
Size: 4,3 MB
A Course in Levantine Arabic (1974, rev 1978) is designed for college students and business and government employees who intend to use Levantine Arabic for travel, business or government service. Although the dialect taught here can be used and clearly understood in Beirut and Damascus, it represents basically the Palestinian dialect as spoken in Jerusalem.

This is the book only. Tapes were prepared for use in language laboratories, but I do not know whether they were ever distributed commercially. They would be most wellcome.

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