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Скачать Media Arabic An Essential Vocabulary бесплатно

Media Arabic An Essential Vocabulary
Author: E Kendall
Publisher: EUP
Publication date: 2005
Number of pages: 90

Format / Quality: RAR/PDF
Size: 1.3 MB
What is the Arabic term for the UN? What phrase would be used to describe 'peace-keeping forces' in the Arab media? Or 'economic sanctions'? This short, accessible vocabulary of Media Arabic provides learners with ready-made lists of strictly relevant vocabulary, giving them key terms for translating both from and into Arabic. Suitable for students, journalists, diplomats and military personnel working in the Middle East it will -- in contrast with traditional Arabic dictionaries -- encourage the user to deal with journalistic terms and coinages used to express modern concepts such as 'multi-culturalism' or 'anti-aircraft missile'.The book provides: / a core vocabulary of media Arabic in a logical format, allowing for easy reference / easy-to-learn lists to test the translation of Arabic into English and vice versa / key vocabulary components essential to comprehend, translate, write and speak modern media Arabic The book is divided into the key areas covered in media Arabic: * General (reports, statements, sources, common media idioms) * Politics * Elections * Military * Economics * Trade and Industry * Law and Order * Disaster and Aid Key Features: * Includes the 1000 words and phrases from contemporary media vocabulary which will be most useful to students and professionals * Organised into sections on subjects for ease of reference * Fully vocalised, making the terms easy to learn and pronounce * The list format makes self-testing simple.

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